Tapping out Rhythms of Pelleas and Melisande 

8/3/15: The production team has been busy at work designing the mysterious world of this Pelleas and Melisande.  The set is conceived of and costume and lighting designs are underway.  The casting is almost complete!   The principal cast are exquisite performers  with some of the most beautiful voices you will hear out there.  All the principal singers told us that they have always dreamed of doing their role in Debussy's masterpiece. They are not alone.  Isabel, the director, has wanted to direct this piece since she was 15 years old.  


8/2/15: Fundraising campaign! Efforts to produce the production are also buzzing with our launch campaign in which we are working to raise 40,000 for the season.   READ MORE


The Barge Gets Special Treatment:

8/3/15 Lehigh Valley Barge No.79, the home for our production of Pelleas and Melisande is temporarily up the Hudson River in dry dock  where she is getting some TLC from specialists who have come from Maine to work with David Sharps, barge owner is keeping fans and supporters updated on the the great work being done. READ MORE

From San Francisco to Brooklyn for Pelleas!:

8/3/15:  405 SHRADER Plans Their Brooklyn Trip! San Francisco Music Venue 405 Shrader gathers its community for an all Brooklyn inspired tour.

Featured event: Pelleas and Melisande! READ MORE