"A martian's view of opera"  -- John Cage

John Cage explained the punning title of his EUROPERAS thus: "For two hundred years the Europeans have been sending us their operas. Now I'm sending them back."  Floating Opera New York looks forward to producing the New York premiere of the two Cage pieces in the spring of 2017!

You want opera, you’ve got opera! Seen through the prism of primordial nature itself over which man has had no control. It will be a celebration of opera, a performance for you alone, never to be repeated.

Opera is the magnificent art and never more so that in this collision of forces mixing the most tender and intimate encounters of everything that makes opera with the colossal moments when operatic forces howl like an out of control tempest. Maybe! 

Maybe it will be just the opposite. Maybe it will be nothing at all and maybe it will be the sublime release of your soul into of the operatic universe. One thing for sure, you will never look back.

EUROPERAS 1 & 2 are the stuff of big opera houses and have never been performed in the U.S. EUROPERAS 3 & 4 are chamber operas. 

EUROPERAS 3 & 4 is John Cage at his most pristine. There is a stage and there are lights and there are singers (six). And there is opera (an opera "mix" of 100 operas — "as if you were shouting to someone on the opposite side of the street and a large truck passes by," and there are recordings of operas (300 of them and six phonographs) and there are performances (2 pianists and 20 transcriptions for piano of the greatest moments of nineteenth century opera). There are no less than 3800 light cues!

EUROPERA 5 is a salon opera that was performed performed in 1992 at NY MOMA.